Dream about vitamins

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Dream about vitamins

A dream is a series of opinions, images and/or feelings occurring in a person is mind while asleep; More significantly, it is an ambitious view of success in a person is life. Vitamin sufficiency in the body is a dream sign of good health they are acquired through intake of diet foods. So by taking vitamins in a balanced manner is an indication that you are trying to take care of your health needs in life. The body needs these organic composites to perform all of its essential functions.

There are various types of vitamins that human body require in regulating metabolism, enhance growth of body tissues and generally maintain a strong immune system. The best source of vitamins is fresh foods versus a dietary supplement. So by eating real, unprocessed, whole foods in your diet, you acquire the best vitamins. They are essential nutrients which are required by the body in small quantities and are categorized into two groups: water-soluble(vitamin B and C) and fat- soluble (vitamin A, D, E and K).

Water- soluble vitamins are those that move freely through the body but are not stored and any excess amount is excreted. Vegetables, cereals, legumes are vitamin food sources that we consider in our diet.

Fat- Soluble vitamins are stored in the body cells and are soluble in lipids; they are absorbed in fat globules that travel through the lymphatic system and to the general blood circulation in the body. They can be stored in your liver and fatty tissues until needed and have a multiple of functions.

Vitamin C is used to stop

Importance of body vitamins; to heal body wounds, maintain skin integrity, reduce heart disease and stroke, protect the body against infections and to boost the immune system. They perform a multiple of roles which make us be sensitive with balanced diet to our health. Lack of adequate vitamins lower the immune system of a person and this leads to why we should dream about a vitamins and have a healthy lifestyle. By this we must keep watch on diet and have all vitamins on the waking eating habits.

Vitamin A is important for growth, development and maintenance of strong eyesight and vision. This, also known as a carotid, is good for human eyes and also helps in fighting chronic diseases. We are encouraged to take more of carrots to increase our vitamin A hence better eyesight and vision.

Vitamin B Are organic composites that play important roles in cell metabolism. They enhance production of ATP energy in the body and manufacture important molecules in body cells. Foods rich in these vitamins include:whole grains, legumes,meat and vegetables which should be taken in daily in a balanced diet.

Vitamin C is used to stop and treat scurvy, it is also an essential nutrient in the repair of body tissues. It helps to neutralize free radicals that are believed to cause aging and apoptosis of cells. Orange juice, cherries, red peppers, Kale’s and grape fruit are examples of foods in which we get the vitamin.

Calcium mineral is very essential in

Vitamin D is a rare nutrient found in very few foods. It is important for bone and colon health and can not be downplayed. The human body usually generates it when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet sun rays. In today is high-tech world, many people spend most of their time away from sunlight and so supplemental vitamin D3 is required to enhance their health levels.

Vitamin E is responsible for the body nerves generation, growth and development without this we can nothing be able to function normally since our nerves help us to coordinate all the body parts. Its supplements, when administered, can also prevent coronary heart disease, alleviate body inflammation, support immunity and even lower the risk of getting cancer. You should dream of taking vegetables, spinach, sunflower seeds and nuts to increase the level of vitamin E in the body.

On the other hand, Essential and Non- essential mineral supplements also play a major role in the normal body functioning. For instance, magnesium assists in maintaining the normal nervous functioning of a human body and also enhances smooth contraction and relaxation of muscles. It helps in absorption of another essential vitamin–vitamin C, this can be found in natural sources like spinach and other leafy greens, almonds and beans for our consumption.

Calcium mineral is very essential in our bones and teeth helps form and maintain their strength. We need to take some of this natural sources: dairy milk and fortified plant-based milks including almond and cashew milk to gain more of the mineral in our body. A proper level of calcium in the body over a lifetime will help prevent osteoporosis hence achieving our dream.

Dream about vitamins

To have a healthy skin Omega 3 nutrient is used since it helps in brain development, reduces the risk of heart diseases and promote healthy skin. Foods like fish and hemp seeds are consumed for their reported role in cardiovascular health, brain function and mood balance.

Iron is a mineral whose main function is to carry oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells throughout the body so that cells can produce energy to be used for general body functions. For our bodies to function normally there should be a proper supply of oxygen failure to which we experience a series of health problems. Foods such as clams, liver, beans and spinach should be ingested to increase Iron levels in the body to produce red blood cells.

Potassium, plays a role in regulation of muscle contractions and maintain both intracellular and extracellular fluid and mineral balance. It reduces the risk of recurrent kidney stones and loss of bones through bone resorption, as people get old. As of this, finding natural sources such as vegetables and fruits will help get the mineral into the body system.

Adherence to a balanced diet and waking on our eating habits will help us achieve the dream.