Dream meaning abou cotton

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Dream meaning abou cotton

To dream of cotton means you would like to approach life in a simple way. Most people are negative about success after failure and dreaming with cotton means you will take a new direction in approaching your problems in life. Online jobs require the applicant to take several tests which helps to prove the proficiency of the worker. Most applicants avoid sites that require them to do certain tasks in fear that they might fail. Some try the tests more than thrice but failure discourages them from continuing. Dreaming with cotton at such a time means you should be positive about the tests and approach them confidently taking into account all the requirements. If you wanted your task done, you would want it done best for you to pay comfortably.

To dream of green cotton on the farm means there is expected success in the near future. Green means that you expect large output after the crop grows. If you are running a business, you should expect to sell more which means earning more profit. Green cotton means that you passed through the basic stages including germination of the crop and everything is alright. Dreaming of green cotton means you should work harder to achieve the predicted benefits. Harvesting cotton means you are likely to become wealthy. which is not absolute because you have to work to fulfill your dream of accumulating riches.

Dreaming that you are putting cotton

Sleeping on cotton bedding means you will be successful and comfortable in life. Most of a child’s clothes are cotton, warm and soft which makes the child sleep comfortably. Succeeding in life helps you avoid thinking about some financial problems and therefore do not spend sleepless nights thinking about where to get money.

Dreaming that you are putting cotton in a pillow case means you are trying to hide your problems. In life, you are expected to identify your problems and find ways of solving them instead of avoiding them. If you need a job, you should not stay at home. You should apply for jobs and talk to people that can help you get one instead of pretending you are fine and do not need any help. Solving a problem creates inner peace compared to avoiding it because you will think about it later.

Dirty cotton dreams could mean that

Dreaming of dirty cotton also signifies confusion and you could be thinking of choices to make which might be difficult. At this state, you should take time and weigh your choices and consequences arising from the decisions made. When choosing whether to take a new job, you should consider your family’s opinion, the means of transport, terms of work among other choices and this well help to reduce confusion. If taking the job prevents you from being with your family, you could choose to keep your job instead of moving to another job but if moving with your family is possible, then you can take the job.

Dirty cotton dreams could mean that you might earn money by doing wrong things and later misuse the money. A thief might steal jewellery, sell it and buy drugs using the money. Cleaning yourself with cotton in a dream means you would like to walk away from doing bad things to make money. This is a good chance to make changes in your life and find a legit job like farming instead of stealing.

Dream meaning abou cotton

If you dream of people picking cotton in a plantation, it means you might employ many people in your firm in the future. When a firm expands, more employees are required to perform new tasks just like many people are needed to harvest cotton. This dream will require you to work hard for your business to enjoy economies of scale and create employment for people.

Dreaming about cotton balls means that you spend a lot of time and resources but receive very little in return. If you dream of cotton balls, you should think about changing your method of work or try doing something new. A farmer may spend his time, energy and resources to grow maize but harvest very little, which is far from his expectation. The farmer should try another crop to see if he can harvest more and quality produce instead of planting maize consecutively.

Cotton dreams have different meanings depending on people’s culture and situations in life. Relating the dream to your life at that moment will help you get answers to the meaning of your dream. Always analyze your life to get the real meaning of dreams in your life.