Dreams About A Stockings

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A stocking is a garment that is made of a cotton or a nylon and fits closed over the foot and suspended at the upper thigh. Dreaming about stockings symbolizes positive and negative feelings depending on what happens with the stockings in the dream. Below are some dreams about stockings and what they indicate to your waking life. Having a dream where you are tightening your stockings using a belt maybe a sign of conflicts in a relationship. It maybe that one of you is not faithful or respectful to the other. Maybe this is the greatest cause of quarrels in your marriage. This dream foretells you that it is better to solve this issues earlier to avoid a break up.

To dream that, you are wearing

To dream that, you are wearing a transparent nylon stockings symbolizes that the actions that you are doing may put you in trouble. It is better to stop being careless and concentrate on your work so that you can achieve your goals. Having a dream that you are buying stockings denotes that you are tired with the problems that you are facing and you may use any other means to solve them. Maybe you have struggled fighting alone but you have not succeeded and now you need help from other people. This dream foretells you to continue working with others and you will finally achieve your goals.

Having a dream where you are

Having a dream where you are wearing dirty stockings symbolizes that you did some things times back that you are now regretting. It maybe that you spent your money in a wrong way and now you are poor. You are maybe suffering because you resigned from your job by trying to show others that you can manage without being employed. Dreaming that you are wearing ragged stockings denotes that you may try to ask for help from your neighbors and friends but you will not succeed. It maybe that you are asking for some money or employment so that you can get a living and sustain yourself. This dream motivates you to be stronger and try to be contented with the small that you and gradually you will also attain your success.

Dreams About A Stockings

Wearing well decorated Stockings in a dream signifies that you want to catch a specific person’s attention. You are maybe admiring a person and you want to get involved in love with him/her. This dream forewarns you to be careful since you may attract someone who has a negative intention and may later harm you. To dream that, you fell into water and your stockings got wet maybe a sign that you may receive bad shocking news. A natural disaster may affect your business causing a big loss and this may make it to decline completely. You may also receive a phone call that you are no longer needed to report back to work. All these maybe shocking sad news and the dream alerts you to be aware for anything that may happen so that you take earlier caution.

Seeing your friend wearing ragged stockings in a dream indicates that you may get an embarrassment from the people who you had trusted so much. You may have trusted some of your friends and decided to give them your property to take care of while you were away, only to come back and find that they have stolen everything. Dreaming that you are wearing old stockings maybe a sign that someone who gave you a promise will not make it. You may have been promised of being supported in your higher education but it maybe impossible. It maybe a job that you was promised to get but it is likely to be all lies.

Dreaming that you are cleaning your stockings symbolizes that your hard work will bear fruits soon. All the projects that you have been struggling with will finally be successful and you will gain much wealth. The moments for enjoyment that you have been yearning for are coming in the future. In summary, dreams about stockings may symbolize good feelings like meeting new friends, getting wealth and meeting a new lover. It may also indicate negative feelings such as getting embarrassment from your friends, regretting about past events and having conflicts in a relationship among others. Dream interpretation about stockings is important since it helps you to know what step to take in your waking life.